You asked: What do you clean RV walls with before painting?

Next, you’ll want to clean the walls with a degreaser to prepare them for paint. The most popular option for this seems to be TSP or TSP substitute, which is a degreaser and cleaning agent often used to prep walls before painting.

What do you clean RV walls with?


  • Multi-purpose Cleaner.
  • Glass Cleaner.
  • Floor Cleaner.
  • Boxes of Baking Soda.
  • Magic Sponge (for any tough marks on ceilings or walls)
  • Gloves.
  • Vacuum with attachments.
  • Rags and/or Paper Towels.

What paint is best for RV walls?

As noted earlier, I used a quality eggshell-finish latex paint for all interior walls. Stir paint thoroughly and you’re good to go. When painting, work in a small area at a time, so you have a smooth finish. If you use a roller, you’ll want to have a long-handled brush for those hard-to-reach places.

Can I use dish soap to wash my RV?

If you don’t know how to wash an RV, you might assume you can simply use dish soap and water. But regular soap will strip away your RV’s coating while also leaving a film, so don’t do it. Instead, buy an RV cleaner that is tough enough to remove dirt and dust, but not too hard on the paint.

Is Pine Sol safe for RV?

for the gray tank, just like you did when you used rv holding tank chemicals. … Pine-sol is for odor and the Bath Beads are to keep the tanks slippery as well as to lubricate the seals. You can also mix the water and bath beads in the gallon jug and only add pine-sol in the tank if needed for odor.

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Can you use regular toilet cleaner in an RV?

Safe Toilet Bowl Cleaners

For instance, mineral/pumice cleaners are often very safe and do a great job of keeping your toilet and bathroom clean. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these cleaners aren’t made specifically for RVs and can damage the soft plastic or porcelain in your RV toilet bowl.

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