Why do we thank the bus driver in fortnite?

This is because it is now one of the tasks to tackle in the Fortnite 14 Days of Summer challenges. The in-joke stems from a petition started in summer 2018, asking Epic to “add the ability to thank the bus driver before jumping out of the battle bus in Fortnite” (via gaminglyf).

What happens when you don’t thank the bus driver in Fortnite?

To finish the Fortnite Deadpool Week 1 challenges, players will need to do one simple thing: Don’t thank the bus driver. Once you return to the menu, you’ll be rewarded with a Deadpool banner and will be one step closer to earning the Fortnite Deadpool skin. …

How many times do you thank the bus driver on Fortnite?

This time, Fortnite players are tasked with doing something very simple: Thank the bus driver in 11 different matches.

What happens if you thank the bus driver?

On the bottom left of the screen, a message will display saying “[player] has thanked the bus driver.” That’s about it, really, and there’s no effect on the actual game if you do choose to thank the bus driver. We just hope you reciprocate it in real life.

How do you thank the bus driver on ps5?

Thank the bus driver on PC – Press ‘B’ on the keyboard while inside the battle bus. Thank the bus driver on PS4 – Press ‘down’ on the crosshead while inside the battle bus.

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Where did thanking the bus driver come from?

According to KnowYourMeme.com, the meme originated on Reddit two weeks ago, when a user elevated “people who say thanks to the bus driver” to pharaoh status.

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