Why do bus drivers take so long?

Why do bus drivers drive so slow?

Real reason bus drivers drive slowly

This ensures that the Bus Captains keep the arrival times at the bus stops as close to the planned schedule as possible to avoid any disruption like bus bunching.

How do bus drivers go home?

It’s called the Worker’s Transport, where a designated driver will pick the bus drivers up from their homes at the start of their shifts, and send them home when it ends. It’s like a school bus of sorts. … So basically, other bus captains send our bus captains home.

Why are London buses so slow?

Bus journey times have grown longer already, with an average bus speed of 9.3mph in August 2018, compared with 9.6mph four years ago. The slowing down in bus times comes as TfL proposes to cut selected bus services across London after a fall in overall bus passengers across the network.

Are buses always late?

Buses are sometimes late, most often because of traffic and because they don’t operate in dedicated right of way.

Why is my bus always late?

The time buses spend serving passengers at a stop is related to the amount of time between consecutive bus arrivals, commonly known as bus headway. … So late buses need to spend more time at each subsequent stop, causing them to run even later. The opposite happens for a bus that’s early.

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Are cars faster than buses?

When combined with proper traffic priority, this ensures that buses and trams achieve average speeds comparable to those of cars. It may be, nonetheless, that on some trips a car can get there a few minutes faster than the best-run public transport. … Public transport makes travel time into productive time.

How many days a week do bus drivers work?

Usually work a five-day work week, if a local bus driver. This may include weekends. May work evenings and after midnight, if a local bus driver.

Is bus driving tiring?

London bus drivers are so exhausted they are at risk of being a danger to passengers and other road users, a union has said. … Unite regional officer John Murphy said: “London bus drivers have had enough. They are permanently fatigued and at risk of being a danger to other road users, bus passengers and themselves.

Why is London traffic so bad?

Congestion isn’t just due to the rising number of cars, though. As the population grows, steps are taken to accommodate more pedestrians, cyclists and bus journeys. Roads have been narrowed across London to allow more bike lanes and walking paths.

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