What is a cool cat in a camper?

The compact Dometic Cool Cat provides heating and cooling in small spaces. This makes for a great purchase for those who don’t want to add height to your RV, or strength to support the unit. Pre-installed CT control board, CT thermostat required.

What is a Rockwood cool cat?

It is a combo heater and a/c unit for use when on shore power (elec hookups), there is also a propane furnace in the a122-128 series. The cool cat is decent, it is not quite the same as a dedicated a/c unit, but better than nothing for a trailer that size.

What is the smallest RV air conditioner?

Our European FreshJet air conditioners are compact and lightweight. This AC unit range is one of the smallest air conditioners on the market and is available for RVs from 5m to over 8m. These RV air conditioners are easy to install and can even be used in larger RVs as duo AC units to create separate climate zones!

What is the difference between heat pump and furnace in RV?

The main difference is that the furnace is run off propane gas, while a heat pump uses electricity to warm your RV — and is, oftentimes, a part included in the rooftop AC unit.

When should I use my RV heat pump?

RV heat pumps will not work when temperatures drop below about 40 degrees F! There are limits to what a heat pump can do. They’re great when it’s moderately cold, but not when it’s freezing. This is because they draw warmth from the outside air.

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Why does my RV air conditioner smell bad?

RV AC Smells Moldy or Musty

When you get that moldy or mildew odor, then bacteria, fungus, or mold, etc., have found a place to live. The reason for this is that there may be too much moisture inside your RV. The AC unit is not removing the moisture as fast as it could and the excess has allowed mold, etc., to form.

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