What does RV mean in the Army?

MC – Military Cross. RV – Rendezvous Point. FRV – Final Rendezvous Point.

What does RV means in military?

What does RV meaning stand for Army? RV meaning stands for Reconnaissance Vehicle.

What Does RV stand for in SAS?

DS are specifically SAS or SBS rather than attached unit personnel. RV: Rendezvous or French for meeting place.

What Does RV stand for in government terms?

Registered voters, in political polls.

What is RV financing?

An RV loan is a type of long-term financing used to purchase a motorhome, travel trailer or camper. … Many lenders offer RV loans for both new and used recreational vehicles. You may be able to find RV financing through an online lender, a bank, a credit union or the RV dealership where you purchase the vehicle.

What is SP in military?

SP – Start Point. A U.S. Army term.

What Does RV stand for in sports?

RV stands for Received Votes (sports ranking)

What does RV mean on Snapchat?

Recreational Vehicle (US)” is the most common definition for RV on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. RV. Definition: Recreational Vehicle (US)

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