What does delamination mean on an RV?

Delamination is when the fiberglass or gelcoat outer layer of an RV starts to pull away from the substrate, usually luan or a light weight plywood. … Once water gets into the substrate behind the fiberglass, then the repair becomes expensive.

How much does it cost to fix RV delamination?

There are some DIY kits for $100-$300. These can be an excellent option for minimal repairs. However, you may need to call in professionals, and even minor repairs can cost well over $1,000 and require exterior wall replacement. Depending on how extensive the damage is, your RV could be a total loss.

Can heat cause RV delamination?

I too would question that exterior/interior temperature extremes could cause delamination. As Bob pointed out, almost all delamination is caused by water or moisture penetration into the layers of plywood, fiberglass and gel coat.

What does delamination look like?

What does RV sidewall delamination look like? … Walk around the RV and pay attention to the side, front, and rear walls. The fiberglass should be flat and smooth. If you notice any waves, bubbles or creases in the sidewalls, you are looking at RV sidewall delamination.

What causes fiberglass delamination?

Some fiberglass boats have a wooden layer in between the outer and inner construction of the fiberglass. Delamination occurs when the middle wood breaks down or pulls away from the surrounding fiberglass substrate. Delamination usually occurs due to water pooling in the hull’s bilge for a prolonged period.

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Why is delamination bad?

Delamination can peel away the exterior covering of your RV and trap moisture between that exterior and the interior walls. Those walls are usually made of wood and then another metal or hardy plastic frame, so there are dangers of letting that moisture infect your interior.

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