What do you line your campervan with?

The easiest way dispose of your or camper or motorhome is to bring it to the local scrap yard who will give you a flat rate based on the estimated amount of scrap metal there is in it.

What can I line my van with?

Plywood is undoubtedly the most common material for van linings. It is popular among most tradespeople to protect their vehicle’s bodywork from the inside out, but is also used by members of the public, often as a base for carpet lining.

How do you attach ply lining to a van floor?

Once you have drawn your grid system, you can drill a 2/3mm pilot hole and fasten a screw through the ply floor into the floor of the van. Repeat this until you are happy that the floor is safely secured. We usually fit between 15-25 screws for fitting a standard floor.

Can you really live in a van?

Summary. Van living isn’t for everyone, but for the brave few, it can cut out many major expenses. Instead of paying rent or a mortgage, buying a used (or even a new) van, working from the road, and learning where and how to eat, can be a rewarding experience for you and your wallet.

What kind of plywood do you use for camper floors?

We would suggest you use 1/2″-3/4″ plywood. Plywood is stronger than OSB, so if you do go with OSB be sure to use at least 5/8″. If you plan on using a “glue-down” flooring, you will want to use plywood for proper bonding.

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How do you attach furniture to a van?

Using anchor points in the van’s load area, you can use webbing or lashing straps to secure objects and prevent them from moving around. Items should be tethered to the van in the directions of travel rather than perpendicular to travel which will provide extra restraint if the contents are jolted while moving.

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