Quick Answer: How do you thank the bus driver on fortnite Xbox?

For example, on PC, it’s the B button by default, and on consoles, it’s the down button on the D-Pad for PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Phone and tablet users can press the emote button on the top right corner of the screen while inside the Battle Bus to thank the bus driver.

How do you thank a bus driver on Xbox one?

Prior to jumping out the bus you will likely see that numerous people have thanked the bus driver as well.

How to Thank the Bus Driver on All Platforms.

Platform How to Thank Bus Driver
Xbox Press Down on D-pad
PlayStation Press Down on the D-pad
Nintendo Switch Down on the D-pad
PC Press the B Key

What happens when you don’t thank the bus driver in fortnite?

To finish the Fortnite Deadpool Week 1 challenges, players will need to do one simple thing: Don’t thank the bus driver. Once you return to the menu, you’ll be rewarded with a Deadpool banner and will be one step closer to earning the Fortnite Deadpool skin. …

Where did thanking the bus driver come from?

According to KnowYourMeme.com, the meme originated on Reddit two weeks ago, when a user elevated “people who say thanks to the bus driver” to pharaoh status.

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Do you get anything for thanking the bus driver in Fortnite?

On the bottom left of the screen, a message will display saying “[player] has thanked the bus driver.” That’s about it, really, and there’s no effect on the actual game if you do choose to thank the bus driver. We just hope you reciprocate it in real life.

Who is the bus driver in Fortnite Battle Royale?

A past trailer showed the bus driver was Tomato Man, but it was merely a Tomato Man-themed promotional trailer for Fortnite.

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