Quick Answer: Can you put a regular toilet seat on an RV toilet?

In these cases, it may need to be switched out for another model. If it’s a matter of an uncomfortable toilet seat, many RV toilet seats can be removed and replaced with a more comfortable style. Many RV manufacturers have ensured their toilet seats are of standard size for cases like this.

What size is a RV toilet seat?

Expert Reply: The overall length of the seat of Dometic RV Toilet Seat # DOM83FR is 15 inches on the outsides and 11 inches on the inside of the opening. The inner width is then 8 inches.

Are all RV toilets the same size?

Most standard RV holes are around 3 inches, but they can be as small as 1 inch. Write down the exact measurements. Now you are ready to choose an RV toilet replacement. Step #1 Look at the features and benefits that each type of toilet has to offer.

What is the best toilet for an RV?

The Best RV Toilet on the Market 2021

  1. Thetford Parchment Aqua-Magic V RV Toilet. …
  2. Aqua-Magic V RV Toilet Pedal Flush (Our Top Pick) …
  3. Dometic 310 Series Standard Height RV Toilet. …
  4. Dometic 320 Series Standard Height RV Toilet. …
  5. Camco Portable Travel Camper Toilet (Budget Pick)
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Are all RV toilets plastic?

Something you may not know before touring various RV bathrooms is that RV toilets are either plastic or porcelain. Generally speaking, smaller, lighter RVs (travel trailers, toy haulers and fifth wheels) have plastic commodes and motorhomes and heavier RVs have porcelain toilets.

Should you poop in your RV?

Key Points: You CAN poop in an RV toilet, contrary to many opinions out there. Lots of water is very important when adding solid waste to your holding tanks.

Should you keep water in RV toilet?

Before and after each trip in your RV, you should check the toilet seal. The toilet seal helps keep water in your RV toilet at all times and keeps odors at bay. … However, maintaining the shower in your RV is crucial to keeping your RV in working order for many years.

How much does a new RV toilet cost?

RV Toilet Pricing

$180 to $250: This is the price range into which most standard RV toilets fall. You’ll find RV-sized toilets that mount to the floor, include flushing capability, and work like a typical toilet. Available in plastic and ceramic, you’ll have quite a few options to choose from.

Why does my RV toilet smell when I flush?

A common cause for black water tank clogs is toilet paper. RV tanks were not designed for regular toilet paper. Using this can lead to clogs, which are a sure-fire way your holding tank will start to smell. Instead, opt for biodegradable, RV-grade toilet paper.

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