Question: Where are Aliner RVS manufactured?

Pleasant, Pa., will officially resume operations today (May 18), the company announced. Aliner manufactures travel trailers and folding campers under the Aliner, Ascape and Somerset brands.

Are Aliner campers any good?

The Aliner is an excellent camper for people looking for a hard-sided camper that’s easy to tow. However, it might not be the most outstanding camper for looking for a lot of space.

Do Aliner campers leak?

A leak developed while towing the Aliner in the rain during the first year. For over 3 1/2 years we have been trying to get the leak fixed. The first authorized dealer fixed it 3 times and it still leaked. The second authorized dealer fixed it once and it still leaked.

Do a frames leak?

Others may think that their construction would be flimsy and are prone to leak. The truth of the matter is they are built with the same materials most travel trailers are constructed from. The side walls are laminated and bonded with insulation. A-frames are built to resist weather and wind in the warmer seasons.

How much do Aliner campers cost?

Depending on which model you buy, a new Aliner costs between $14,000 and $30,000.

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