Question: What is the best Australian made camper trailer?

What camper trailers are made in Australia?

Genuine Australian Made camper trailer manufacturers:

  • Australian Off Road.
  • Bayside Camper Trailer.
  • Cameron Campers.
  • Camper Trailers WA.
  • Carry Me Campers.
  • Cub Campers.
  • Pioneer Campers.
  • Tailgate Campers.

Which is the best camper trailer?

The Top Camper Trailers to Kickstart Your Life on the Road

  • Escapod Teardrop Trailer. …
  • Bruder EXP 6 Camper. …
  • Sherpa Camper. …
  • Timberleaf Pika. …
  • Pioneer Campers. …
  • Airstream Basecamp. …
  • Blackseries HQ17 & 19 Trailer. …
  • Oregon Camper Do Drop.

Are long haul campers Australian made?

Our brand name says it all, we build trailers for the harsh Australian conditions to last the Long Haul! Built with high quality materials and professional workmanship.

Are Black Series campers made in Australia?

Like the latest Black Series camper trailers, the new off-road caravans are largely built in China, with final assembly including fitment of locally-sourced European and Australian fittings and appliances completed at the company’s Sydney factory.

Who won camper trailer of the year 2021?

The REDARC Camper Trailer of the Year 2021 results are in. After two failed attempts, we finally made it to Port Macquarie. Seasoned Camper Trailer of the Year (CTOTY) readers will know that at the last event we had to scramble to Plan B, the Gold Coast, after bushfires ravaged the northern NSW coast.

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Are camper trailers worth it?

Compared to the purchase price of some off-road caravans, or the cumulative costs of staying at a hotel, resort or in Airbnb accommodation, camper-trailers are a relatively low-cost option. … So a camper-trailer is well worth the cost, which works out to be not too much at all anyway.

Are MDC campers any good?

MDC is a very successful Australian company that produces campers and caravans. These campers are marketed as tough and sturdy enough to handle all road conditions, but a few problems occur frequently.

Are Austrack campers any good?

Cons: Poor quality of materials and the equipment used in this trailer can leave customers unhappy. The camper is very heavy and difficult to tow for smaller cars. As per several customer reviews, Austrack has trouble with its customer service programs.

Are signature campers made in China?

So, companies like Signature Campers, which was amongst the first to bring that price-point down, have continued to develop expedition trailers, like its Deluxe II that is built in China, to meet that need.

Are Blue Water campers Australian made?

Together, we have a combined 50 years experience in the canvas, outdoor product and camper trailer industry, producing quality canvas products to suit a variety of uses. We are proudly Australian owned, with a passion for the great outdoors.

Are Black Series campers any good?

It might be weird to say that the Black Series Campers are bad at the main thing they were meant to do. Black Series Campers really are bad off-road, depending on the path you are moving through. With its poor weight distribution, these won’t work well when traveling on steep roads such as mountains and hills.

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Are MDC campers made in Australia?

MDC Camper Trailers is proudly leading the way in innovation and camper trailer manufacturing in Australia. A truly national company with showrooms in Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Townsville, Sunshine Coast and Perth. It is a family owned and run business, and has been operating for only 8 years.

Are lumberjack campers Australian made?

The Lumberjack brand seems to be better built and better thought-out than many you’ll find on the Aussie market, with its Geelong factory, where much of the assembly takes place, adding another positive to the equation.

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