Question: What brand of toilet paper is best for RV?

Is Cottonelle toilet paper good for RV?

The Cottonelle Ultra Clean Care Septic Safe Toilet Paper is a single-ply RV toilet paper alternative. … If a comfortable and robust toilet paper is important to you, this might be the right choice. It’s also made with sustainably-sourced plant-based fibers, so you’ll be reducing your ecological impact.

Can you use Northern toilet paper in an RV?

Quilted Northern Ultra Plush

Quilted Northern toilet paper is smooth, silky, and very soft with a plush feeling. … These rolls can be flushed down on most models of RV toilets and are septic safe with standard septic systems.

Can you use Costco toilet paper in an RV?

Is Costco Toilet Paper RV Safe? Yes, Costco toilet paper will break down safely for an RV’s toilet, therefore it is safe to use in an RV. However, you should always use toilet paper sparingly to avoid plugging the system with larger clumps of toilet paper.

What’s the difference between RV toilet paper and regular toilet paper?

Toilet paper that is made for RV or marine use, breaks down much faster than the toilet paper that you use in your home. It doesn’t have to be uncomfortable or abrasive, but it does have to break down quickly. … That isn’t all that can happen with the wrong toilet paper though. Oh, no, it gets way better.

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Which toilet paper breaks down the fastest?

12 Fastest Dissolving Toilet Papers

  1. Tushy bamboo toilet paper. View Now. …
  2. Scott Rapid Dissolve Roll. View Now. …
  3. Freedom Living Toilet Tissue. View Now. …
  4. Firebelly Outfitters Tissue. View Now. …
  5. Thetford Aqua-Soft. View Now. …
  6. Angel Soft. View Now. …
  7. Seventh Generation. View Now. …
  8. Caboo Bamboo Toilet Paper. View Now.

Can you poop in camper toilet?

Key Points: You CAN poop in an RV toilet, contrary to many opinions out there. Lots of water is very important when adding solid waste to your holding tanks.

Is 2 ply toilet paper OK for RV?

Valterra Q23630 Softness 2-Ply Toilet Tissue. Online reviewers rave about the softness of Valterra toilet paper, and it’s also noted for dissolving well and not leaving and reside behind in RV tanks. The 2-ply sheets are safe for septic systems, boats, and other places as well.

Can I put bleach in my RV black tank?

Cleaning your black water holding tank is best done when you’re fully hooked up and have both a water and sewer connection. Avoid using bleach or antifreeze for your deep clean, as both of these can dry out rubber seals and ultimately ruin your sewage system.

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