How much does it cost to register a camper trailer in Florida?

Motorcycles $10.00
Recreational Vehicles (camping trailer) $13.50
Recreational Vehicles (under 4,500lbs) $27.00
Recreational Vehicles (over 4,500 lbs) $47.50
Dealer and Manufacturer License Plate $17.00

How much does it cost to tag a camper in Florida?

Useful Information Regarding RV/Vehicle Registration

Cost for first time registration of a RV/passenger vehicle in Clay County, Florida is approximately $400 (Fees include transferring title, 1st year registration fee and new license plate.)

How do I register a camper trailer in Florida?

Take the completed application, the RV’s current title certificate and proof of insurance to the local Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles office. Submit the documents and pay the required fees. After processing, the appropriate registration documents and plates will be issued to you.

What is required to register a trailer in Florida?

For a new trailer title application, you’ll need:

A manufacturer’s certificate of origin; A bill of sale or invoice listing the purchase price, sales tax paid, and any trade-in allowance (Please note, additional sales tax may be due);

Do you have to register a travel trailer in Florida?

All trailers must be registered with the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. … If you have purchased a used trailer, under 2,000 pounds, that is not registered in Florida, you will need to provide a bill of sale or an out-of-state title registration signed by the previous owner.

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How much is sales tax on an RV in Florida?

Six (6) percent sales tax must be paid on all recreational vehicles (RVs) sold and/or delivered in Florida, unless specifically exempted by law. Many counties also impose a local discretionary sales surtax, which applies to the first $5,000 of the sales price.

Do you need a special license to drive an RV in Florida?

Florida exempts RVs from CDL requirements. Seven states require a class A or B CDL license for vehicles over 26,000 lbs. or over 45 feet in length. … There are 34 states that don’t require any type of special licensure for an RV.

Is an RV considered a mobile home in Florida?

Pursuant to the Statute the term dwelling includes a mobile home. Chapter 320 of the Florida Statutes pertains to motor homes. … If the owner permanently parks the RV, lives in the RV, and has no other residence then the RV has the characteristics of a “motor home” and should be protected as homestead property.

Does a trailer need a title?

You may be wondering if a title is absolutely necessary for your trailer. After all, a trailer doesn’t move anywhere under its own power. One might wonder whether it truly qualifies as a motor vehicle and thus, whether or not it actually needs a title. The short answer is yes, you need a title for your trailer.

What qualifies as an RV in Florida?

Requirements. Section 320.01, Florida Statutes, defines recreational vehicles as units primarily designed as temporary living quarters for recreational, camping or travel use having either contained motive power or mounted on or drawn by another vehicle.

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How do I get a tag for a utility trailer in Florida?

To get a tag for your utility trailer, you must submit the proper documentation and any applicable fees to your local office. Locate the nearest Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) office to you by using the FLHSMV online directory and clicking on the county you live in.

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