How much does a Unimog RV cost?

Sound like your ideal camper van? Rest assured this Maxi-‘Mog won’t carry a Minnie Winnie price. Bocklet is more than willing to build duplicates of his camper for customers, but each will carry a price tag of roughly $306,000.

How much does Unimog cost?

This is the vehicle you take to the end of the world. The Unimog U5023 (approx. $250,000) is powered by a new 5.1-liter, 4-cylinder turbodiesel engine with 231 hp and a road-distorting 661 lb-ft of torque.

How can I get a Unimog in America?

If you live in the United States with us, unfortunately you can’t buy a Unimog brand new from Mercedes-Benz, but there are special organizations that help owners buy and sell Unimogs in the United States. The ones you will find here are mostly collectors items, but they will still plow a field no problem.

Can you drive a Unimog on the highway?

Despite the vehicle’s immense size, a person doesn’t need a commercial driver’s license to pilot this beast on public roads in the United States.

Why are Unimogs so expensive?

There is a lot of R&D that goes into creating a vehicle like the Unimog. Those costs need to be recouped from fewer vehicles. there are also fixed costs in tooling up an assembly line. There is also nothing cheap about the way a unimog is built and dealing with small run distribution is costl per unit.

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Are Unimogs any good?

Unimogs are reliable vehicles that were built to do tough jobs. Many of them aren’t meant to be driven on roads, but should instead be used on uneven terrain. Unimogs work well in most terrains and environments. They last at least fifteen years, and many people own Unimogs that are forty years old.

Are Unimogs good off road?

Like any Unimog, the Earthcruiser XPR is well suited to off-roading. Featuring an eight-speed automated manual transmission, integrated low-range transfer case, triple diff locks and a flexible chassis, the Unimog has off-road credentials and pedigree enough to make a LandCruiser quake in its boots.

What is the top speed of a Unimog?

A six-speed automatic handles reverse, where the Unimog can also hit its 56 mph top speed going backwards.

Drivetrain, Engine and Brakes.

Engine 5.1-liter 16-valve Turbocharged Diesel I-4
Power (HP) 230
Torque (Pound-feet) 664
0-60 mph (Seconds) 18.8, est to 50 mph
Top Speed (MPH) 56, Limited in EU

Can you buy a Mercedes Zetros in the United States?

Make no mistake, the Zetros is capable, the service and backup is available, and you can buy one from any Mercedes Benz truck dealer across the country. Whether you’re after a fire truck, a water cart or an off-road camper, the Zetros is well worth a look.

Can you drive a Unimog on a car licence?

you must be 17 & have your full “B” car licence if it is an agricultural tractor.

Do you need a truck license for a Unimog?

You need a medium rigid truck licence to drive it on the road, and trained technicians in Brisbane and Melbourne take care of servicing, which, according to Jim, is surprisingly straightforward. “Just filters and oil – there’s plenty of ’em.”

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