How much does a Class B motorhome cost?

Typical costs: Prices start at $40,000-$80,000 for a new Class B motorhome/van conversion, depending on size (15′-26′ long), type of roof extension and other amenities. They come with a gas or diesel engine; diesel is typically more expensive.

Is a Class B RV worth it?

Class B or Type B recreational vehicles offer greater maneuverability, less maintenance, higher fuel efficiency, easier storage and all of the amenities the class A and C motorhomes can provide at a much better price point. … All additional features will likely vary from vehicle to vehicle.

How much does a Class B Winnebago cost?

Starting at $100,667* From slope to shore, adapt to any adventure and any budget with the flexible, new Winnebago® Solis. This camper van is designed so you and your family can take any adventure on, while featuring a classic rooftop extension so you can take everything in.

What Class B motorhome gets the best gas mileage?

How to get the best fuel mileage in your rv

Class B Motorhome: Mileage:
Airstream Interstate Grand Tour Ext 19 mpg
Midwest Automotive Design Passage 170 Ext MDP4 Lounge 19 mpg
Roadtrek Sprinter RS Adventurous 20 mpg
Winnebago Travato 59G 20 mpg

Do Class B motorhomes have bathrooms?

It’s hard to imagine a camper van offering plenty of space, but these Class B motorhomes can offer enough space for kitchens, washrooms with showers, and sleeping areas that fit up to four people! While the vans do typically contain all of these features, the space will feel smaller than it would in a larger motorhome.

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What is a Class B Winnebago?

Winnebago Class B Motor Homes. These stylish Touring Coach motorhomes offer all the versatile comforts of home in our most agile ride. Featuring impressive fuel efficiency, it’s hard to beat this level of style at such a pleasant price. They include both gas and diesel models.

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