How long do Toyo motorhome tires last?

The motorhome tire life expectancy is 5-7 years. Some manufacturers or RV mechanical workshops may suggest 5 years for the front tires and 7 years at a maximum for the rear tires. Or, if a tire has a crack that’s 2/32″ deep or there’s less than 6/32″ tread depth left, replace the tire immediately.

How long do Toyo RV tires last?

They also come with a high mileage warranty so your RV should be protected in case anything happens to them under normal wear and tear conditions. Some of the tires have lasted over 100,000 miles and are great when you are towing your TT to different locations.

How many miles do motorhome tires last?

If you are just looking for how many miles you can put on your tires you can get about 80,000-120,000 thousand miles per tire. This may last two years if it is a commercial truck where you are constantly driving heavy loads. RVs driving only 5,000 miles a year may take up to 20 years to obtain the same wear and tear.

When should motorhome tires be replaced?

While most tires will need replacement before they achieve 10 years, it is recommended that any tires in service 10 years or more from the date of manufacture, including spare tires, be replaced with new tires as a simple precaution even if such tires appear serviceable and even if they have not reached the legal wear …

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Are Toyo tires worth the money?

They are worth the money if you are seeking some great tires that handle well look good are very dependable and have a positive brand following!

Are Toyo tires safe?

Are Toyo Sports Car Tires Any Good? Again, the answer here is generally: yes.

How can you tell when a Toyo tire was made?

Like other tire manufacturers, information that details the fabrication date of Toyo tires is printed on the outside of the tire.

  1. Locate the DOT number on the sidewall of the tire. The DOT number starts with DOT and is followed by 10 to 12 letters or numerals.
  2. Write down or note the last for digits of the DOT number.

Do Toyo tires run small?

Registered. IMO, Toyo’s are better looking than Trail Graps but they do run a little small.

How can I make my RV tires last longer?

How to Get Maximum Life From Your RV Tires

  1. don’t store your RV for longer than six months at a time.
  2. use your RV as frequently as possible.
  3. don’t excessively wash your tires or use alcohol or petroleum-based cleaners.
  4. ensure your tires are always properly inflated – even when your RV is in storage.

Are Maxxis RV tires good?

MAXXIS is one of the BEST trailer tires on the market. HIGH QUALITY – DURABLE – – LIVE UP TO REPUTATION OF COMPANY. Recommend immediate replacement of any OEM CB tire on an RV trailer before you have $2000 damage or more from a blown tire, not to mention that accident from blown tires is VERY HIGHLY LIKELY TO OCCUR!!!!

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