How do you install LED lights on a camper?

Do I need an electrician to install LED lights?

LED bulbs usually cost around £20 per bulb (depending on the light you choose, it could be as high as £75), but they come with a major cost saving. … If no additional wiring is needed, installing LED downlights is a pretty easy job and an electrician should be able to do it all in one day.

Can I put LED lights in my RV?

LED Lights Can Be Used With Almost Any Fixture

The easiest way to add LEDs to your rig is to find a fixture designed for RVs, which will typically be 12v low voltage lighting, as opposed to 120v, which is is what most homes run on (though some RVs may have this as well). However, you’re not limited to these 12v setups.

How do you hang strings on a camper awning?

Once you have the clips/hooks attached to the flap of the RV awning, hanging lights is really simple. Just hook the tops of each light on the light string over a hook/clip and then plug them in. Probably the cheapest method of all is to buy a $5 bag of clip-on clothespins.

How much does it cost to get LED lights installed?

Lighting installation will cost you approximately $77.50/hr. However, prices vary depending on the kind of light to be used. If down lighting is what you need, you can expect to pay around $67.50/hr. LED lighting installation, on the other hand, costs $72.50/hr on average.

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