How do I register an RV in California?

According to the DMV, to register your trailer, you will need: a completed application for title/registration, proof of ownership, bill of sale, smog certification (if the trailer is an RV or motorhome), transfer fee, registration fee, tax and vehicle license fees.

How do I register an out of state RV in California?


  1. The certificate of title or latest (original) registration card, or registration renewal notice for the vehicle. …
  2. An Application for title or registration form. …
  3. A smog check done in California. …
  4. A vehicle identification number (VIN) verification.

How do I register a camper in California without paperwork?

call the CHP and schedule an appt with their “trailer inspector.” You’ll get an ID plate riveted on. Then go to the DMV for your ‘pink slip’ and registration.

How much does it cost to register an out of state RV in California?

California has a $15 title transfer fee, or $20 for out-of-state vehicles.

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Do RVS need license plates?

If you’re interested in driving a camper, trailer, or recreational vehicle, also known as an RV, you may need a Class E or F driver’s license if the vehicle’s gross vehicle weight is 26,001 pounds or more. Only certain types of campers or trailers that attach to vehicles must be registered and receive license plates.

Do you have to register an RV in California?

Whether you have recently purchased a trailer or are new to the state, if you live in California, you need to register and license your trailer. … You can even get personalized or special interest plates for your trailer.

What is the sales tax on an RV in California?

The tax varies by state and often by county, but the approximate tax rate for Florida is 6% and California is 8.25%.

How much does it cost to register an RV in California?

You will pay various fees to register your motorhome or RV, including a title transfer fee of $18, a base registration fee of $34, and a smog abatement fee of $20 if your vehicle is less than 6 years old or older than 30.

Can you park an RV on the street in California?

Local California RV Parking Laws

Parking regulations are almost always local. … Generally speaking, with a small discreet Class B RV, you can usually park on the street, just like you would with any other van.

Do I have to pay sales tax on my car when I move to California?

Some states, such as California, charge use taxes when you bring in a car from out-of-state, even if you have already paid the sales tax on the vehicle. … Some states charge yearly excise fees for vehicles or a fee whenever you renew your registration. These fees are in addition to the sales tax you must pay.

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Can I buy a car in California and register it out of state?

Buying a Vehicle From Out of State – Can You Register It in California? If you are a California resident and acquire a new car, truck, or motorcycle from another state, it must be certified to meet California smog laws to be registered in California.

What is needed to register an out of state car in California?

Coming from out of state? Don’t forget to register your car in California.

  1. A Completed Application for Title or Registration (Form REG 343).
  2. The Vehicle’s Out-of-State Title.
  3. The Vehicle’s Out-of-State Registration.
  4. Proof of Insurance.
  5. A Valid Smog Certificate.
  6. Payment for Fees (see “Fees” below).
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