How do I check my Megabus status? on Twitter: “You check your bus status by going on from your mobile device.… ”

Can I track my megabus?

Track your bus in real-time with the megabus bus tracker. Search for your route and service, and monitor your bus with live departure and arrival times.

Can I track a megabus UK?

Track your coach in real-time with the megabus coach tracker. Search for your route and service, and monitor your coach with live departure and arrival times. Sorry, there are no services that match this input.

What if my megabus is late?

No refunds or credits will be given if you miss the coach. But if your plans change more than 24 hours above you’re due to travel – you can amend your ticket with us online. If you missed your departure and you still wish to travel, you’ll need to book another journey.

Do you need an ID for megabus?

No physical tickets are issued for travel. … As unaccompanied children under the age of 17 are not permitted to travel on megabus, we recommend that young adults be prepared to produce a photo ID with proof of age to avoid being refused from traveling on our buses.

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How strict is megabus with luggage?

MB’s policy states: “Customers are advised that megabus will accept up to ONE (1) piece of luggage per passenger reservation. For guidance this must not exceed 62 inches when adding the total exterior dimensions of the piece (length + width + height) and should not weigh more than 50 pounds.

Can you bring food on megabus?

Customers are allowed to bring food and non-alcoholic beverages onboard. Passengers are not permitted consume or bring alcoholic beverages onboard. Customers are asked to remove all garbage as a courtesy to other passengers and the operator.

Do megabus have toilets?

Toilet facilities are available on board all of our coaches.

Can I use my free bus pass on megabus in Scotland?

Free concessionary travel with megabus is only available to Scottish National Entitlement Card holders (elderly and disabled persons) and in the case of companion card holders – their companions.

Can I get my money back from megabus?

Once completed, megabus reservations cannot be canceled or refunded, but they can be traded in for another journey up to 3 hours before your original scheduled departure.

Why Megabus is so cheap?

Such budget travel is possible because the company only serves the most popular routes and only on a limited, relatively random schedule. So the cheap fare you are after may only be offered on selected routes and only on certain days of the week.

Does the Megabus leave on time?

Everyone wants to get to their destinations on time, so our buses depart at their scheduled time.

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How do I call Megabus?

Customers are also welcome to call 1-877-GO2-MEGA (1-877-462-6342) to have one of our dedicated customer service representatives assist them with their reservation.

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