Frequent question: How much does the average pop up camper weight?

The average weight of a pop-up camper is approximately 2,000 lbs. This weight is for your typically tent camper or a hard-sided pop-up camper. Some expedition pop ups such as the Opus weigh on average 3,250 lbs. 1,465 lb.

How much towing capacity do I need for a pop up camper?

Small, or mini pop-ups are generally under 1,000 pounds and can be towed by most vehicles that have a trailer hitch.

How much does a Coleman pop up camper weight?

Basic tent trailer style pop up campers generally weigh between 800 to 2150 lbs; where as the hard sided A-Frame type campers are slightly heavier between 1560 to 2430 lbs. Off grid, hybrid or extreme sport styled pop up campers are on higher side between 2100 to 3740 lbs.

How much does a Jayco pop up camper weight?

Jayco pop-up trailers start at the dry weight of 1,835 lb. with a hitch weight of 140 lb. and a capacity of 865 lb. This makes the trailer’s total possible weight 2,250 lb.

How much does a 2000 Coleman pop up camper weight?

Used 2000 Coleman Grand Tour Utah

Length 25 ft 9 in
Dry Weight 2497 lbs
Cargo Weight 753 lbs
Fresh Water Capacity 20 gals
Axle Count 1
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How much does a pop up camper cost?

Families love these camper trailers because they usually have sleeping arrangements for two or more children and are an inexpensive entry into the caravan market. As prices start at around $17,000 and don’t get much more than $40,000 for a top-of-the-line off-roader, they’re quite an attractive proposition.

How much does a 2002 Coleman pop up camper weigh?

Camping Trailers

Camping Trailers Length Weight (lbs)
Santa Fe 21′ 1705
Sea Pine 21′ 1715
Mesa 25’5″ 2245
Sun Valley 25’5″ 2055

How much does a Coleman Bayside elite weight?

These products are for people to be able to enjoy the outdoors through the adventure of using a Coleman trailer. Since 1966 Coleman has been building camping trailers that are focused on the outdoors.

Used 2003 Coleman Bayside Elite.

Sleeps 5
Gross Weight 3500 lbs
Dry Weight 2655 lbs
Cargo Weight 845 lbs
Fresh Water Capacity 20 gals
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