Can you drive in the bus lane NZ?

Motorists can drive on bus lanes to turn left if they are within 50m of an intersection or driveway but are liable for a $150 fine if they switch too soon (at least, they are in Auckland). The start of a bus lane is usually marked by a green section on the road.

When can you drive in a bus lane NZ?

Motorists are allowed to drive in bus lanes if turning left and within 50m of an intersection, but are liable to be fined $150 if they enter the bus lane too early.

How far can you travel in a bus lane NZ?

How far can you drive in a bus lane? You can drive for 50 metres if you are turning left into a driveway or side road or to pull into a parking bay that’s not part of the bus lane.

What happens if you accidentally drive in a bus lane?

But if you find you’ve strayed into a bus lane by mistake, and you have no real excuse for doing so, you may be issued a penalty. … You won’t receive any points on your license if you drive in a bus lane by mistake, and a PCN won’t affect your car insurance premium.

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Can you drive in a bus lane at night?

Anyone can use the bus lane outside the hours of operation but please do be aware that bus lane times can vary along a stretch of road.

Can you drop someone off in a bus lane?

Bus lane rules and restrictions

Private Hire Vehicles can pick up or drop off passengers in a bus lane even if they are not normally allowed to drive in it.

Who is allowed to use T3 lane without restriction?

T3 transit lane: vehicles can travel in a T3 transit lane if they are carrying at least three people, including the driver. Some T3 lanes only operate during certain times.

How do you beat a bus lane ticket?

The simplest and most obvious way to avoid a bus lane ticket is to simply not drive or park one’s car in a bus lane in New York City.

Do you have to tell insurance about bus lane fine?

Nope. You only need to inform your insurer about criminal motoring convictions. Bus lane violation is not one of them, nor is parking unless done by the police.

What is the fine for driving in a bus lane London?

Driving in a Bus Lane Fine

Inside Greater London, the fine for driving in a bus lane is £160, or £80 if you pay within 14 days. Outside of Greater London, the fine is £65, or £30 if you pay within 14 days. But you won’t get any points on your licence if you drive in a bus lane by mistake.

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