Can I get a refund on my first bus ticket?

Can I use a return ticket on a different bus first?

As long as you have purchased a valid ticket for each person travelling and have version 4.5 (or newer) of the First Bus App you can activate multiple tickets at the same time from the same mTickets account.

How do I contact the first bus?

You can call us on 0345 646 0707. Our lines are open from 8am to 6pm Mon-Fri. Our quieter times are usually between 11am and 3pm so you may prefer to call then as there will be less of a wait to speak to one of our Customer Support Agents. If you prefer, you can fill out the contact form here instead.

Can you use first bus app without Internet?

You will require internet connection to use the app, as the app needs to communicate with our server to keep itself up to date when you’re out and about. Opening the app, accessing the ticket catalogue, and accessing account pages will all generate a connection attempt.

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Can you use a return train ticket more than once?

In most cases you may break your journey at any point, or more than once if you wish. … Off-Peak Day Single or Day Return Tickets are valid for one single or return journey on the date shown on the Ticket. • Off-Peak Single Tickets are valid for one single journey on the date shown on the Ticket.

How much is a bus ticket?

Bus ticket prices vary by route and carrier, but the average price of a bus ticket on popular routes tends to be between $20 and $50. Of course, tickets can be much cheaper or much more expensive in certain cases.

Can you pay by card on a first bus?

The UK’s leading operator, First Bus, today announced a commitment to allow its customers to pay for travel through the use of contactless debit and credit cards. First Bus customers can already pay for bus travel using its successful smartcard and mobile payment (mTickets) mechanisms.

How do I buy a bus ticket online?

How to book bus tickets online?

  1. Enter the Source and Destination locations in the “From” and “To” tab respectively.
  2. Enter the “Date of Journey” and hit the “Search” button.
  3. Select a bus of your choice from the list of buses that are displayed.
  4. Select a seat, boarding, and dropping points and hit “Proceed to Book”

How do I complain about a first bus driver?

Our customer services team can be contacted on 0345 646 0707 and this is the best option for a quick resolution.

How do you pay for the bus in Bath?

Types of payment accepted

You can buy the most common First Bus tickets on board the bus in cash or contactless (except metrobus services – this is a buy before you board service), on their First Bus app, online on a Travelwest Travelcard or at a metrobus iPoint.

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How old is a child’s bus ticket?

Children aged 11-15 travel for free on London’s buses and at child-rate Pay as you go Oyster fares on the underground (tube), DLR, London Overground and most National Rail services IF they have an 11-15 Zip Oyster photocard.

Do you need WIFI for bus ticket?

You do need an internet connection to purchase a ticket. … You do not need an internet connection to activate an already purchased ticket – so a poor phone signal when you board a bus should not be a problem.

How do you pay for First Bus?

Secure contactless payments are now available on all of our buses. Paying with contactless is a simple and secure way to pay for tickets without cash. One tap of your contactless card, Apple Pay or Google Pay and you’re aboard and ready to go, no need to worry about having the right change.

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