Can I buy a NJ Transit bus ticket online?

How do you pay for NJ TRANSIT bus?

Pay Your Fare

Most local buses require exact change in coins or $1 bills. NJ TRANSIT light rail systems utilize a “proof of payment” fare collection system. An activated ticket, monthly pass, transfer, or continuing trip ticket receipt is considered proof of payment.

How do I buy a bus ticket online?

How to book bus tickets online?

  1. Enter the Source and Destination locations in the “From” and “To” tab respectively.
  2. Enter the “Date of Journey” and hit the “Search” button.
  3. Select a bus of your choice from the list of buses that are displayed.
  4. Select a seat, boarding, and dropping points and hit “Proceed to Book”

When can I activate my NJ TRANSIT ticket?

Hi Norman, tickets do not expire until activated, once activated, tickets remain valid for two hours and 45 minutes. This allows enough time to activate prior to entering the station. Please find additional MyTix information at the link below. – MB …

Is NJ TRANSIT bus free?

Is travel on NJ TRANSIT free? Travel on NJ TRANSIT is not free. We are encouraging customers to purchase their tickets on the mobile app or at any Ticket Vending Machine.

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How much is the bus fare?


Service Adult (19-64) Youth (6-18)
Local/Swift $2.50 $1.75
Commuter (Applies on all 400 & 800 series routes.) $4.25 $3.00
Swift Bus Rapid Transit $2.50 $1.75
DART Paratransit $2.50 $2.50

Which site is best for bus booking?

redBus is the world’s leading bus ticket booking company. It operates in 6 countries (India, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Peru, and Colombia). redBus has sold over 220 million bus tickets worldwide through the redBus website and app. With over 36 million satisfied customers, redBus has set the bar quite high.

Which app is best for bus booking?

Leading Bus Booking Apps in India

  • AbhiBus. Launched in 2008 by Sudhakar Chirra, AbhiBus went through a challenging path in its initial days as the bus travel market in India was completely unorganized at that time. …
  • MakeMyTrip. …
  • ClearTrip. …
  • Paytm Bus Booking. …
  • Travelyaari. …
  • TicketGoose. …
  • MyBusTickets. …
  • eTravelSmart.

How much is Nol monthly?

Dubai Metro Nol card tickets and costs

Type of ticket/travel distance Nol card 2 zones
30 day (or monthly) pass standard Silver 180.00
30 day (or monthly) pass students Blue 115.00
30 day (or monthly) pass senior citizens 2 Blue 115.00
Disabled / Special Needs travellers Blue

How much is the monthly pass for NJ Transit?

Any monthly rail pass valued at $59 or more can be used on River Line, Newark Light Rail or Hudson-Bergen Light Rail during the period it is valid. For bus travel, the number of zones you can ride is printed on the pass, based on its value.

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How does NJ Transit app work?

To use NJ Transit’s new Map My Ride for bus, you start by using My Bus on the app. Tell it what route you’re riding and your stop. When it displays the results, tap on one of the bus routes and you get the map. Map My Ride shows every bus on the route you picked running on that line and other bus routes.

How much does a train ticket cost?

Typical costs: City-to-city train tickets on Amtrak[3] typically cost $20-$400 one way, depending on total distance and how early tickets are booked.

Can you drink alcohol on NJ Transit train?

To head off trouble, NJ Transit is banning all drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, from buses trains and light rail on Saturday and Sunday. It doesn’t matter whether the beverage is sealed in a closed container or non-alcoholic, just don’t bring it on board.

How do you ride a bus?

Be ready to board with exact change or a valid ticket, transfer receipt or pass. As the bus approaches, check the sign above the front window to make sure it’s the line and destination you want. Signal the operator that you wish to board. Stay back from the curb and wait until the bus comes to a complete stop.

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