Are MDC campers imported?

Which caravans are made in China?

While most Chinese-imported RVs are the smaller and lighter camper trailers, the number of Chinese caravans and hybrids available is steadily increasing, thanks to more brands like Goldstar, Snowy River, MDC, Mars, EzyTrail and Fantasy entering the market, while some Aussie manufacturers like Roma have dipped their …

Are MDC campers good quality?

MDC is a very successful Australian company that produces campers and caravans. These campers are marketed as tough and sturdy enough to handle all road conditions, but a few problems occur frequently.

Who builds MDC campers?

Market Direct Campers (MDC) is proudly leading the way in innovation and camper trailer manufacturing in Australia. A truly national company with showrooms in Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Townsville, Sunshine Coast and Perth, it is family owned and run, and has been operating for only 8 years.

Are signature campers made in China?

So, companies like Signature Campers, which was amongst the first to bring that price-point down, have continued to develop expedition trailers, like its Deluxe II that is built in China, to meet that need.

Are Goldfields campers made in Australia?

Goldfields Campers is an Australian owned family business.

Are Titan caravans made in China?

A dozen or so vans were in various production stages as the team installed multiple components that go into completing each model. The body comes in from the facility that Titan has established in China, coming complete on their hot-dipped galvanised chassis which has been robot welded for accuracy and strength.

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Are Austrack campers any good?

Cons: Poor quality of materials and the equipment used in this trailer can leave customers unhappy. The camper is very heavy and difficult to tow for smaller cars. As per several customer reviews, Austrack has trouble with its customer service programs.

Are Cub Campers good?

The Cub Frontier’s bed is quite good, as it’s a pocket spring as standard, rather than the usual high-density foam expected on most campers. It doesn’t fill the whole area, leaving space for the tent frame and canvas to fit around it and therefore make it easier to pack up.

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