Are Arriva buses running on Christmas?

Arriva will not be running buses on Christmas Day, Boxing Day or New Year’s Day.

Are Arriva buses running over Christmas?

Arriva buses will be running usual services on Friday, December 22, and Saturday, December 23. … There will be no buses on Christmas Day.

Does Arriva run on Boxing Day?

These are the only services that will run, and only in the daytime: ARRIVA: 18, 245 and 247. FIRST: 8, 17, 22, 26, 36, 37, 41, 68, 81, 83, 93, 98, 100, 135, 163, 184, 409, 471 and 582.

Do buses run normal on Good Friday?

Buses are operating to their normal schedule from Good Friday to Easter Sunday, however, there will no college-only services on Easter Sunday. On Easter Monday, there will be a Sunday service in operation.

Can you pay by card on a bus Arriva?

You can now use a credit or debit card to pay for your ticket on buses using contactless. … Instead of paying with cash, you can pay contactless by placing your card or device on the yellow contactless reader.

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How much is a all day bus pass?

Regular Fares

Fares & Passes Full Fare Senior/Disability
Day Pass / 1-Day Pass 4.40 2.20
Weekly / 7-Day Pass 21.00
Monthly / 31-Day Pass 74.00 22.00
Monthly Express BusLink / 31-Day Express Pass 93.00

How much do Arriva drivers get paid?

The typical Arriva Group Bus Driver salary is £2,139 per month. Bus Driver salaries at Arriva Group can range from £1,786 – £2,667 per month.

Are London buses running?

Are buses running in London? Yes, buses are running, but with a reduced service. … The night bus network will continue to provide workers with a reliable night option on Friday and Saturday nights, while the Underground is no longer running, and throughout the week.

Where does the 500 bus stop in Liverpool?


Scroll ARR 500 ARR 500
Liverpool John Lennon Airport, Liverpool John Lennon Airport 03:59 06:29
Estuary Banks, Leeward Drive 04:02 06:32
Estuary Boulevard, Windward Drive 04:02 06:32
Speke Road, New Mersey Shopping Park 04:03 06:33

Do buses run on a bank holiday?

Do buses run on a bank holiday? Buses – and trains – do run on bank holidays, unless there’s been a specific announcement for a particular service. … Most bus services run their Sunday service on bank holidays, meaning you can still catch a bus, but they might end earlier or have longer gaps in service.

Is Bus Éireann running today?

Public transport services are currently running a full schedule of services. Onboard capacity (sitting and standing) is operating at 75% capacity.

Are buses running on Stephen’s Day?

Dublin Bus

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On Christmas Eve, the last service will leave about 9pm. No other services will run after that. There will be no services on Christmas Day . A Sunday timetable will run on all routes on St Stephen’s Day.

Why won’t my card work on the bus?

Some of the reasons why a card may not work include: Card is outside of the validity dates i.e. expired. Card is not a contactless card. Card is not accepted e.g. American Express.

Why does my contactless not work on bus?

Some of the reasons why a card may not work include: The card is outside of the validity dates i.e. expired. The card is not a contactless card. The card is not accepted e.g. American Express.

Can you use chip and pin on the bus?

No problem! With contactless you don’t need to worry about finding change to pay for your bus ticket. … It’s secure – contactless payments have the same level of protection as Chip and PIN payments.

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