Your question: Can you wallpaper over RV wallpaper?

To upgrade the look of your RV’s wallpaper, you can install new wallpaper – or paint right over top!

Can you wallpaper a motorhome?

Motorhomes dont tend to have wallpaper its a wallboard with coverings already embossed or stuck to the actual wood. However having said that Im not aware why you cant paste your own paper on but I wouldn’t try taking the old covering off.

How do you fix RV wallpaper?

Apply a liberal amount of vinyl-to-vinyl wallpaper border glue beneath the torn piece of wallpaper. According to RV Living, wallpapering a travel trailer is the same as wallpapering a house, but you need to apply extra glue. Wallpaper border glue can be purchased at home improvement, paint and discount stores.

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