You asked: What kind of water pipe is used in RVs?

Modern RVs use PEX pipe or PEX tubing. It is cheaper and easier to install than metal tubing. PEX tubing comes in all colors, but red tubes are normally used for hot water, and blue ones for cold water. Manufacturers, looking to cut costs, usually use a white tube for both hot and cold water.

How do RVs get water lines?

RV water lines can sometimes be difficult to locate. But typically, by removing a panel or an accessible flooring section, one can successfully gain access to most of the fresh water plumbing system. The clue to a removable panel is to look for screws instead of staples holding them in place.

Is RV plumbing the same as house plumbing?

RV plumbing is not much different from a traditional home plumbing. Your RV plumbing allows you to shower, wash your dishes, and perform basic household clean up. Apart from the connectors, other elements in your RV plumbing, including the sinks, is the same as what we use in our homes.

Can I glue PEX pipe?

No. PEX pipe does not require glue or cement, and can simply be joined with push-to-connect fittings, metal insert fittings, or plastic insert fittings for a watertight seal.

Are RV black water tanks vented?

The vent stack on your black tank is essentially a straight run of 1 1/2″ PVC that is attached to a hole on the top of the black tank and extends through the roof on the RV. There is, as you know, a removable cap on the top.

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How do you get air out of RV lines?

Most of the time you can simply purge the lines by opening the farthest faucet until a solid stream comes out and work your way back. If the spitting is just happening with hot water, then you have air bubbles in the water heater and should relieve the pressure valve and purge the water again.

Will a regular faucet work in an RV?

Can you put a regular sink in an RV? Yes, you can! So long as the sink you’re looking at fits the dimensions of the sink you want to replace in your RV, any sink will work with your RV’s plumbing system.

Where are the water lines in a camper?

The low points are generally located under your RV. The manufacturer’s user manual may have instructions on where these are located. These are generally located under your RV in the lowest point in your water system, with separate lines for hot and cold. Open the lines and let the water drain out.

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