Where are lunar motorhomes made?

Lunar started building motorhomes in 1996 and also imported a number of motorhome brands built at the Lommel factory in Belgium, which were known in the UK under the brands of Home-Car and Champ.

Are lunar motorhomes any good?

So, are Lunar Caravans any good? As long as a caravan falls within your budget, meets your needs and is in safe working and habitable condition, you will have a wonderful experience caravanning with a Lunar.

Are Lunar caravan warranties still valid?

The Caravan must be from model years 2017, 2018 and 2019. The cover is for 3 years from the original date of purchase. For the above model years, this cover will only apply if the supplying dealer is a current Lunar Automotive dealer. Parts will be supplied and 50% of the labour cost will be covered.

Are Lunar Caravans going bust?

Lunar have gone into administration. The administration is being handled by FRP Advisory. We spoke to FRP yesterday and they have confirmed that Lunar have ceased trading and that the staff have been made redundant.

Why did Lunar Caravans go bust?

Lunar Caravans entered administration on July 16 following severe cash flow issues in recent months. “The transaction sees the rescue of this well-known national brand and key part of the Preston business community,” an FRP Advisory spokesman said.

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Can you still get parts for Lunar Caravans?

If you require parts for your caravan or motorhome, please contact your nearest Lunar dealer who will be able to help you source the item and provide a price. If your dealer can not supply the parts they may be able to advise of suitable stockists.

Are Bailey Caravans good?

The most satisfied of all are owners of pre-owned Bailey caravans. With a superb score of 86.4%, Bailey takes the top spot and a thoroughly deserved Gold Award. It’s a close run thing, though. The Swift Group is only just behind with a highly commendable score of 85.2% and a Gold medal.

Do lunar still make motorhomes?

Lunar Motorhomes

The Company sadly ceased production in 2019.

How do I contact Lunar caravans?

Get In Touch

  1. Lunar Caravans Ltd,
  2. Lostock Hall, Preston,
  3. Lancashire, PR5 5JF.
  4. sales@lunarcaravans.com.

What is the warranty on a new caravan?

Your warranty cover commences on the day your new caravan is purchased and comprises two key elements: Three year manufacturer’s warranty. Ten year body integrity warranty.

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