What kind of thermostat do I need for an RV?

Analog RV thermostats are the simplest and most “traditional” type of thermostat you’ll find. An analog thermostat will work with both heat-only systems as well as heating and cooling systems. Older RVs tend to use analog thermostats, but some RV owners simply prefer their straightforward simplicity.

Is there a WiFi RV thermostat?

Meet The EasyTouch™ RV Thermostat

This is the RV thermostat game changer that RVers requested. It stands alone in the world of recreational vehicles as THE smart thermostat available in the aftermarket, enabling WiFi and Bluetooth cabin comfort control. … Control Your RV A/C Remotely Anywhere!

What can I replace my Dometic thermostat with?

Quick Recommendations

  • Best Overall Option. Honeywell Focuspro 5000 Thermostat. Honeywell Focuspro 5000 Thermostat. …
  • Upgrade Option. Dometic Comfort Control Center. Dometic Comfort Control Center. …
  • Value Option. Heagstat Non-programmable Electronic Thermostat. …
  • Alternative Option. Coleman Mach RV Camper Thermostat.

Can I use a regular thermostat in my RV?

No you cannot use a typical residential thermostat in an RV. The reason is that most of them are designed to use 24 volt AC power, and RVs have no such power source. You can use a thermostat that is battery-powered and that is designed for “millivolt” control systems.

Can you put a smart thermostat in an RV?

Also, unlike most Thermostats that only have Bluetooth, which means you can only connect to your thermostat if you are within 100 feet of your RV, a Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat will let you connect from anywhere in the world.

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How do I know if my RV thermostat is bad?

4 Ways to Tell if an RV Thermostat is Bad

  1. Problem 1- The Thermostat is Unresponsive or has No Power.
  2. Problem 2 – The A/C or Heater Won’t Switch On.
  3. Problem 3 – The Heater or A/C Runs Continuously and Won’t Switch Off.
  4. Problem 4 – The Setting Doesn’t Match the Temperature Inside the RV.

How do I know if my Dometic thermostat is bad?

Your RV’s thermostat may be bad if it has a blank screen or is not responding to temperature adjustments. Running tests with a multimeter, responding to error codes, or simply changing your thermostat’s batteries could get the system running again. If not you may need to replace your thermostat.

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