What is the meaning of bus driver?

: one that drives a bus.

Is bus driver one or two words?

A compound noun is a noun phrase made up of two nouns, e.g. bus driver, in which the first noun acts as a sort of adjective for the second one, but without really describing it.

What is the full meaning of driver?

The Full Form of DRIVER is Discipline Respect Intelligent Vision Efficient Responsibility.

Is bus driving stressful?

According to Dr Tage Kristensen, of the National Institute of Occupational Health in Copenhagen, bus drivers are under more stress than executives. … Bus drivers are practically public property, open to abuse and accusation. After a while it gets to you, and makes you mean.

Is bus driver a profession?

Bus drivers operate buses or coaches, take fares, and look after passengers.

What is a good bus driver?

Gaining a Bus Authority in NSW requires the person to be organised, take charge and be responsible. This is because a bus driver is typically in charge of a bus full of passengers and needs to make sure they are all safe and comfortable. Calm: being a bus driver requires a calm and nurturing character.

How long does it take to become bus driver?

How long will it take to become a bus driver with Go‑Ahead London? Your initial licence acquisition training will last approximately 7-8 weeks. Our driver training programme is part of a “Level 2 Passenger Transport Driver – Bus” apprenticeship programme.

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Is on board a compound word?

In this sense, onboard can be a noun or a verb. Is onboard hyphenated? Occasionally, you might see the one-word onboard spelled as a hyphenated compound: on-board. … The general trend, however, appears to be favoring the closed compound.

What do you mean by I d?

: I would : I had : I should.

What is a compound word for foot?

a combining form meaning “foot,” used in the formation of compound words: pediform. Also especially before a vowel, ped-.

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