Is there an age limit for hiring a motorhome?

Most states require drivers to be at least 21 years of age to rent RVs. … Companies that have strict age policies often times allow drivers between 21 years of age and 24 years of age to rent RVs as long as they pay a daily fee.

Can I hire a motorhome over 70?

At the age of 70 a driver can still drive a motorhome hire (depending on the individual company’s policy) on the same basis as for a car. However if you are over 70 and wish to continue driving a motorhome over 3500kg then you must submit a medical D4 with a renewal application to the DVLA.

What motorhome can I drive at 70?

When you reach 70 years old

If you use the standard renewal procedure your C1 entitlement will be suspended and you will no longer be able to drive motorhomes between 3,500kg and 7,500kg until you have passed a medical. To avoid this, you will need to fill in form D2 and ask your GP to fill in a medical report form D4.

Can I rent an RV at 18?

Some rental companies will allow people under the age of 21 to rent a vehicle if they hold a valid driver’s licence and pay a young driver’s surcharge. … In certain instances, campervan companies may allow those 18 years and older to rent a campervan, however they may be required to purchase additional insurance cover.

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Is there an age limit on hiring a van?

Drivers generally (although do check the terms of every van hire agreement as there are always exceptions) need to be: Panel Vans: 21 to 75 years old (although some suppliers may restrict young driver to 23 years). Minibuses & Luton vans: 25 to 75 years.

What can I drive after 70?

When you are 70 years old, your ordinary driving licence will expire. If you want to carry on driving a car, you must renew your licence using the D2. If you only have B entitlement you still need to pass a PCV medical if you want to carry on driving minibuses.

What weight vehicle can I drive at 70?


Category B+E entitles drivers to drive a motor vehicle (ie car, van or 4×4) not exceeding 3.5 tonnes Maximum Authorised Mass* (MAM), drawing/towing any weight trailer/caravan within the prescribed maximum towing weight.

What is the speed limit for a motorhome?

“Regarding speed limits, provided the motor homes are “motor caravans” then they are subject to passenger vehicle speed limits, which are 70 mph on a motorway or dual carriageway and 60mph on other roads unless a lower speed limit applies, provided the unladen weight (not MAM) is not over 3050 kg.

Can a 70 year old drive a 7.5 ton?

Category C. If your vehicle has a MAM of above 7.5 tonnes then category C is required on your licence. … If you passed your test before 1996 and are under the age of 70 then you will have a C1 license however at 71 you will have to take the test again.

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Can you drive after 70?

Can I drive over 70? Yes. Although your licence expires when you turn 70, it doesn’t automatically mean you have to stop driving. It just means you will need to renew your driving licence every three years if you want to continue.

Can a 20 year old rent an RV?

Some Cruise America locations have RV rentals for under 25 customers. … The Road Bear RV website states that their minimum age to rent an RV is 25. However, it also says people between the ages of 21 and 24 can rent with prior authorization.

Do you need a special license to drive an RV?

For most RVs and states, a standard driver’s license is all you need to drive your RV. If your RV, towing vehicles, or motorhome clock in above the maximum length or above 26,000 pounds, you may need a special license to register, own, and operate it in certain states.

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