How do I buy a bus ticket in Korea?

How much is a bus ticket in Korea?

Blue buses (main line buses) travel long distances within Seoul city limits and cost 1,300 won ($1.17) for a single journey ride. Green buses, which cost 1,000 won (90 cents), cover the same area but travel shorter distances. Yellow buses run a loop through downtown, and cost 1,100 won (about 98 cents) per ride.

How do I get a bus pass in South Korea?

The prepaid card is 2,500 won. They can be purchased from the automated machines in every subway station or convenience store. T- cards can be recharged for amounts from 1,000 won to 90,000 won. Users departing Seoul can get a refund for any remaining amount on the card (less 1,500 won) at a T- card vender.

How do buses work in Korea?

In Korea, the city bus is one of the most convenient and readily available means of transportation. … Bus fare can be paid either by cash or transportation card when boarding. If using a transportation card, passengers can get a transfer discount when changing to the subway system or another bus line.

Do t-money cards expire?

TMoney cards have no expiration date and the unused balance will remain on your card until the entire amount is used up. You can receive a refund for the balance on your card at convenience stores like GS25 that charges KRW 500 (RM 1.43) fee and the card price of KRW 2,500 is not refundable.

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How do I check my T cash card balance?

After the screen as above shown (or press “tap here” to access), tap your T-money on the NFC area, upper part of your phone (as the blue icon shows). When the scanning process’s over, the blue icon will switch to a tick. The balance of the card will be shown right away, as well as the card number.

How much is pocket money in Korea?

You should plan to spend around ₩118,323 ($101) per day on your vacation in South Korea, which is the average daily price based on the expenses of other visitors. Past travelers have spent, on average, ₩30,541 ($26) on meals for one day and ₩17,227 ($15) on local transportation.

Is the Seoul City Pass worth it?

If you are planning on visiting places with expensive entrance fees, then yes, the pass is definitely worth it. Many museums and attractions have entrance fees around 20 000 krw, just visiting 2 of these kind of places with the Discover Seoul Pass will help you save money.

Is taxi expensive in Seoul?

And people with small budgets may rule out taxis altogether when traveling. But taxis in Korea are quite affordable, and even if you’re on a tight budget, it might be cheaper to take a taxi. … Subway/bus fares in Seoul start at 1050 won, and taxi fares start at 3000 won.

How can I use T-money on my phone?

Pretty easy, just put the phone up next to the sensor. It reads it. No application necessary or whatever, deducts it right from your T-Money.

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What time do Korean buses stop running?

Buses arrive at stops in five to fifteen minute intervals, though you may have to give them a bit of leeway in the busier parts of the city. Schedules vary depending on the bus route involved but most routes start at 4:30 a.m. with the last bus of the day making its round at 1 a.m.

How do I get a taxi in Korea?

Taxis can be found at taxi stands in most busy city areas or hailed on the streets. There are also call taxis that can be requested by phone call or mobile application. However, tourists should note that call taxis start with a higher base fare than the taxis you flag down on the street.

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