Do NYC MetroCards work on buses?

You can transfer for free between local bus routes and local buses and subways. (The transfer gets encoded on your MetroCard. You’ll swipe it again, but you won’t be charged.) Transfers are good within two hours of when you paid the fare.

Can I use a MetroCard on a bus?

The Metrocard can be used on all MTA buses and subways in the five boroughs, except for express and private buses. You will also be able to transfer between modes of MTA subway and bus transportation for free with the card. You can use ‘by the ride’ Metrocards on the PATH trains that run between NYC and New Jersey.

How do you pay for the bus in NYC?

Purchase your MetroCard or SingleRide Ticket.

  1. You can pay with credit or debit cards at all vending machines, though only the large ones accept cash. Subway stations only accept cash. …
  2. You can also pay cash on the bus in exact change.
  3. For an express bus, the fare is $6.50 USD.

Do buses in NYC take MetroCard?

Pay Your Fare

Our bus operators don’t make change and fare boxes don’t accept dollar bills or pennies. MetroCards, available at subway stations, can also be used to pay your fare on buses.

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Is MTA bus free?

MTA Bringing Back Front-Door Bus Boarding and Fare Collection. The free ride is coming to an end. On August 31, the MTA is bringing back front-door bus boarding and charging riders the $2.75 fare once again.

How much does a 7 day MetroCard cost?

Cost: $33 (7-day) or $127 (30-day). You have unlimited swipes on the subway and local buses for either 7 or 30 days. Your MetroCard can only hold one Unlimited Ride refill at a time.

Can you share a MetroCard?

Regular Pay Per Ride MetroCards:

– These can be shared with up to 4 people per card. You can each swipe the turnstile separately or the first person can swipe 4x’s and have everyone follow through the turnstile.

How do I pay by phone on the bus in NYC?

Rolling out a fast and convenient way to pay

OMNY is the MTA’s new fare payment system. With OMNY, you can use your own contactless card or smart device to make fare payments and enter the system. OMNY will combine fare payments and mobile ticketing across subways, buses, and commuter rail.

How many rides are on a $10 MetroCard?

If you loaded $10, you’d still only get 4 rides, and have more left over on the card. FYI, a weekly metrocard costs $32 per person ($1 for the card plus $31 for the 7 day day pass). The break even point when compared to a pay-per-ride pass is 13 trips.

How many times can you swipe MetroCard?

Unlimited Ride fares cannot be used more than once every 18 minutes. This is designed to prevent fraudulent use of the card by multiple people. Subway station agents cannot override the 18-minute rule—you must wait for the time to expire.

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How much is the MTA fare?

Base Single Ride Fare (currently $3.00 for Single Ride Ticket, and $2.75 for cash payment and Pay-Per-Ride MetroCard®): Eliminate Single Ride Ticket option, or maintain current Single Ride Ticket option.

How much money can you put on a MetroCard?


Location New York City, United States
Operator Metropolitan Transportation Authority
Manager Metropolitan Transportation Authority
Currency USD ($80 maximum load)
Stored-value Pay-Per-Ride

Is the bus still free NYC?

Five-month free ride is over — MTA to resume collecting fares on NYC local buses. The free ride is over. … Local buses have been free since March 23, when the agency blocked off areas near bus drivers with yellow chains to help them social distance from riders during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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