Can you stand up in a Class B motorhome?

Some Class B RVs have extended ceilings so as to facilitate being able to stand up fully while inside the rig (as a normal van may not afford this ability to tall, or even average-sized, travelers). You may also be familiar with the little “pop-up” ceilings in converted Westfalia vans, like the one pictured below.

Is a Class B RV right for me?

Class B RVs are great if you are traveling at a fast pace. They can be a bit less taxing to drive, so if you RV in a manner that has you moving from place to place frequently, you may want to check out the Class B RVs at the dealership. Class B RVs really shine on cross-country trips because of their road-going nature.

How long is a Class B?

How Large Are They? Class B motorhomes usually range anywhere from 16 to 21 feet long. However, our largest Class B motorhomes reach up to 25 feet long. The vans are tall enough for a standing room, thanks to their raised roof.

Can you walk on the roof of a Bailey motorhome?

It is not recommended that consumers climb on top of their caravans or walk on the roof in any circumstances.

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