Can you pull a camper with a Dodge Grand Caravan?

In short, the Dodge Grand Caravan is capable of towing a travel trailer. … If you already have a Grand Caravan and are on the hunt for a travel trailer, keep it light. We recommend that you look for trailers that weigh less than 3,000 pounds so there won’t too much concern about weight.

How much can a Dodge Grand Caravan pull?

Towing Capacity

The 2019 Dodge Grand Caravan has the capabilities to tow up to 3,600 lbs.

What towing capacity do I need for a camper?

Most ¾ ton pickups can tow 12,000-15,000 lbs. These bigger trucks give you more options for bigger trailers. The gas models can generally tow between 9,500 and 15,000 pounds. Diesel models tow up to 14,500 18,000 pounds.

How big of a camper can I pull with a Chrysler Town and Country?

The Chrysler Town & Country comes with an optional Towing Prep Package that allows the minivan to tow up to 3,600 lbs. when equipped with the largest available engine. The Towing Prep Package includes a trailer wiring harness, better engine cooling and upgraded load-leveling suspension.

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