Best answer: Why are seat belts required on school buses?

Because they are closer in size to regular cars and trucks, the NHTSA does require seat belts in small buses to “provide occupant protection.” … This means kids are about 70 times more likely to get to school safely on a school bus than they would if traveling in a car.

Why do you not need a seatbelt on a bus?

Large school buses are heavier and distribute crash forces differently than passenger cars and light trucks do. Because of these differences, bus passengers experience much less crash force than those in passenger cars, light trucks, and vans.

What is the safest part of a school bus?

The safest seat in a school bus is generally in the middle, in an aisle seat on the right hand side, between the tires. It’s safer if there’s a head-on, side and rear-end collision. It is also less bumpy and jarring to the body.

Is it illegal to not wear a seatbelt on a bus?

All coach passengers sitting in seats that are in line with, or in front of, the driver (apart from those on an upper deck) must use the seatbelts that are fitted. Passengers using any other seats in coaches are not required by law to wear seatbelts. However, it is strongly advised.

Are seat belts compulsory on buses?

Buses that are designed for urban use with standing passengers are not required to have seat belts. Other types of buses that were made after 1 October 2001 must be fitted with three point seat belts or retractable lap belt in all forward and rearward facing seats.

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How many students died in school bus accidents?


Total 118 130
Occupant of other vehicle 91 84
Pedestrian 21 26
School bus passenger 3 10
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