Best answer: When did busing start in Louisville Ky?

Before forced busing began in 1975, for example, the West End had four stand-alone junior highs, in addition to a junior high at Shawnee.

When did Kentucky desegregate schools?

the Board of Education” decision in 1954 prompted more Kentucky colleges and universities to move toward integration. Murray State College, which became a university in 1966, officially desegregated in the summer of 1955, when Mary Ford Holland enrolled.

Was there segregation in Kentucky?

Kentucky was the last state in the South to introduce racially segregated schools and one of the first to break down racial barriers in higher education. The passage of the infamous Day Law in 1904 forced Berea College to exclude 174 students because of their race.

When did Kentucky integrate?

Seventy years of a journey that is still unfolding and evolving. In 1949, Lyman T. Johnson became the first African American to enroll at the University of Kentucky, resulting in the first racially integrated class. It was, by all accounts, a wrenching path.

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