Your question: Do DC buses take cash?

Each passenger must pay a fare; however, two children under age five may travel free with a paying passenger. … Regular (non-express) bus fares are the same throughout the system. Metrobus also accepts bills and coins.

How do you pay for the bus in DC?

Simply place your fare in the farebox located near the driver. SmarTrip® Card – This is a permanent, rechargeable farecard you can use to pay fares and transfers on Circulator, Metrobus, Metrorail and more. To board a bus with a SmarTrip® card, simply tap your card on the fare box when you enter the front door.

Do DC busses take cash?

Taking the Bus

Rides are $1.75 each whether you’re paying by SmarTrip or cash. If you use a SmarTrip card, you’ll get a 50-cent discount when transferring from rail to bus, as well as unlimited bus-to-bus transfers within a two-hour window.

How do you pay for DC Metro?

Metro riders must pay via SmarTrip card or the SmarTrip app on iPhone and Apple Watch. SmarTrip cards are plastic, rechargeable fare cards that can be purchased by cash or credit at any Metro station or in advance on You can calculate your fare between two stops using Metro’s Trip Planner.

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How much is a bus ride in DC?

Cost to Ride

Metrorail Cost to Ride
Off-Peak Fare* $2.00 – $3.85
Metrobus Cost to Ride
Regular Routes $2.00
Express Routes $4.25

Is it safe to take the metro in DC?

Is it safe to ride Metro’s buses or trains? Yes. Just remember to wash your hands, cover your cough, practice good personal hygiene, and stay home if you’re sick.

Is the Metro in DC free?

Metrobus is now free during the coronavirus crisis, but is for ‘essential trips only’ Metro says the move better protects bus operators, who felt exposed to COVID-19.

How much money do I have on my SmarTrip card?

To check the available balance on your SmarTrip card, push the CHECK VALUE button before you tap the card to the target. Your card balance will appear on the display screen.

Can you use your phone for DC Metro?

A big development for public-transportation-taking Android users in the DC area: You can officially use your phone to swipe onto the Metro and bus.

How do I use my phone as a metro card?

Android Users Can Now Use Their Phones As SmarTrip Cards

  1. “Once you put (your SmarTrip card) on your Android, you walk up and you tap it and you go,” Metro General Manager Paul Wiedefeld said.
  2. Apple iPhone users have been able to use their phones as a SmarTrip card for nearly 10 months.
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