What MOT class is a campervan?

Is my van Class 4 or 7?

Vans are in MoT class four if their gross vehicle weight (GVW) is below 3000kg and in MoT class seven if they are between 3000kgs and 3500kgs. You can find your vehicle’s GVW limits in the owner’s manual. They are also usually detailed on a plate or sticker somewhere on the vehicle itself.

How much is an MOT on a campervan?

MOT costs

Vehicle class Maximum MOT fee
3-wheeled vehicles (up to 450kg unladen weight) 3 £37.80
3-wheeled vehicles (over 450kg unladen weight) 4 £54.85
Cars (up to 8 passenger seats) 4 £54.85
Motor caravans 4 £54.85

Does a campervan need an MOT?

Campervan/Motorhome MOT

Your motorhome will require an MOT test every year if over 3 years old, just like any other vehicle. ‘Motor Caravans’ or re-registered campervan conversions are subject to class IV MoT test whereas goods vehicles between 3000 and 3500 KG are subject to a class VII test.

Which is better campervan or motorhome?

Campervans have the advantage of being small and easy to drive and park, and they’re usually cheaper than motorhomes on fuel, parts, ferry charges, tolls, tax and insurance. They still use a standard size pitch at campsites, so you won’t make any savings there, but you will have more space to move around outside.

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Is a campervan classed as a car?

Motorhome. If your vehicle has permanently fitted fixtures such as cupboards, a sink and a bed, then it’s neither a car nor a van. It’ll be classed as a motor caravan by the DVLA and will need to be insured under a specialist policy.

Is campervan tax cheaper than van?

Keep in mind that you can still get your self build insured as a campervan even if the vehicle is registered as a panel van. Campervan insurance is generally 10% – 50% cheaper than van insurance. … But this increases to 70mph on a dual carriageway for vehicles registered as campervans.

How do I know if my van is class 7 MOT?

A Class 7 van is unlikely to weigh 3.5 tons, but its chassis is usually designed to be able to carry up to 3.5 tons (including the van itself). Usually, you’ll be able to find this information in your vehicle’s manual or often on a sticker by the driver’s door.

What is a Class 7 vehicle?

Class 7 MOTs are for commercial vehicles weighing 3,000kg to 3,500kg. … In addition to the usual checks carried out in a regular MOT, the Class 7 includes an additional check of the tyres to ensure they are suitable for the extra weight, as well as a brake efficiency test. Find out what’s checked in an MOT.

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