How much does an RV oil change cost?

The average price for a diesel Class A motorhome oil change is $150-$190, while a Class C is $100. Campervans average $60-$90, much like a car, and usually fit easily into service center repair bays. You’ll pay more for synthetic oil in your motorhome, but it’s worth the extra cost as the fluid extends engine life.

How often should I change RV oil?

How Often Should I Change My RV’s Oil? If you follow the petroleum product’s manufacturer guidelines, it will recommend that you change your motorhome’s oil every three months or 3,000 to 5,000 miles.

Does Jiffy Lube change RV oil?

At one RV service spot we were quoted at $425 minimum. … At another, $120 just for labor. We called a few Jiffy Lube’s after getting a secret tip that because Maude had a baby body, and a Mercedes Diesel engine, they should be able to do it.

How much do oil changes typically cost?

Oil change prices range from $20 to $100 at a lube shop (and $25 to $40 if you do it yourself). At the higher end is full-synthetic oil, with more additives to protect your engine.

How do I change the oil in my RV?

How to Conduct Your Own RV Oil Change

  1. Assemble Your Tools. Shop for a motor oil grade as recommended by your RV owners manual. …
  2. Prep the Area. Chock the rear wheels to secure the RV. …
  3. Drain the Old Oil. Slide yourself under the RV and place the drain pan beneath the drain plug. …
  4. Add Fresh Oil.
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Do motorhomes hold their value?

Compared with a conventional family car, motorhomes don’t depreciate nearly as much as a road car. … In car terms, this is very good. However, in the motorhome market this would be considered a disastrous loss of money. Typically, new motorhomes will retain 70% of their new value after three years of use.

Is Jiffy Lube publicly traded?

In seven years, Hindman built the seven Jiffy Lube franchises he acquired in 1979 into a chain of 348 service centers in 33 states. The franchises are concentrated in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Illinois and California. … Having gone this far, the Jiffy Lube folks, who are based in Baltimore, are going public.

Why do oil changes cost so much?

Manufacturers are requiring a different type of higher-grade oil, a synthetic, as well as a higher capacity of that oil to be used in the newer vehicles. … Although the initial cost for the oil change is higher, this is also what allows the vehicle to go for longer intervals between oil changes.

How much is a oil change at Walmart?

What Type Of Oil Change Services Does Walmart Provide?

Oil Change Type Price
Pit Crew Oil Change $19.88
Standard Oil Change $29.88
High Mileage Oil Change $35.88
Semi-Synthetic Oil Change $39.88
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