How do you spell autobus?

noun, plural au·to·bus·es, au·to·bus·ses. bus1 (def. 1).

What is the meaning of autobús?

Definitions of autobus. a vehicle carrying many passengers; used for public transport. synonyms: bus, charabanc, coach, double-decker, jitney, motorbus, motorcoach, omnibus, passenger vehicle.

Is school bus one word or two?

Merriam lists school bus as a noun. It seem that they consider these words – school days, school bus, school boy, school books – to be all open form compound word.

What is the plural for box?

The plural form of box is boxes.

What is the plural of wolf?

noun, plural wolves [woolvz]. …

What is a plural of baby?

noun. ba·​by | ˈbā-bē plural babies.

Is Pasajero masculine or feminine?

Meanings of “feminine of pasajero” in Spanish English Dictionary : 2 result(s)

Category Spanish
1 Common pasajera [f]
2 Common pasajera [adj]

Is autobús in English word?

noun, plural au·to·bus·es, au·to·bus·ses.

What is an avion in English?

avion in British English

French (avjɔ̃) noun. any machine that flies, such as an aeroplane.

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