How do you repair a camper awning?

Can an RV awning be repaired?

You may find anything from small holes and tears to larger ones when you inspect the awning. Anything less than 3 feet long can usually be repaired without professional ‘intervention‘ or replacement.

How do you fix a hole in an awning?

Small Holes

To repair a small hole in an awning, begin by wiping the awning down with a warm rag. Once the fabric has dried completely, use either white silicone caulk (for light fabric) or clear caulk (for dark fabric) to begin patching the hole from the underside.

How do you repair a ripped canvas awning?

For very small tears and holes in the canvas, you can simply apply a dab of clear silicone caulk with your finger to the area. For corner rips, you may need to loosen each corner in order to access the underside of the canvas awning. Most canvas patio awnings are laced on with awning line.

Can metal awnings be repaired?

Cut metal with metal shears to cover any holes in the awning. Set the patch metal over the hole and drill holes through the metal piece and the awning. Match the size of the drill bit to the size of the pop rivets. Spread caulk around the perimeter of the hole.

How much does it cost to replace an awning?

On average, expect to pay about $693 for your awning repair. Exact costs typically range from $271 and $1,116, with some homeowners paying as much as $1,700 for the project. There are many different types of repair, so the relative cost will depend entirely on what is being repaired.

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