How do I stop my truck camper theft? forum users suggested disabling the camper jacks, locking the truck camper, park another vehicle in front of the camper to jokingly employing a noisy neighbor as a theft deterrent. “The FastGun WobbleStopper is a way to prevent truck camper theft,” said Torklift International General Manager Jay Taylor.

How do you stop a camper theft?

How to Prevent RV Theft

  1. Place and Lock the X-chocks (X stabilizers on Wheels) …
  2. Get And Use Tire Boot Locks. …
  3. Use Hitch Locks (For Travel Trailers and 5th Wheels) …
  4. Use Steering Wheel Locks (For Motorhomes) …
  5. Avoid Leaving RV Unattended in High-Crime Areas. …
  6. Don’t Leave Valuables Inside the RV.

How do I make sure no one steals my camper?

Prevent Your RV from being Stolen

Any and all RVs can be made immovable by locking the wheels. There’s the classic boot, but you can also use lockable wheel chocks. These are more practical for RVs in storage or if you will be staying in the same location for long periods.

Is it easy to steal a camper?

Camping trailers and RVs can be easy targets for thieves, as they can just drive away with not only with the valuables inside, but your trailer as well. RV crime is increasing and it’s becoming a serious concern for those who travel with their campers and trailers every year.

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Do trailers get stolen?

— It’s a crime of convenience, but one that’s often well-planned. It’s stealing trailers for the trailer itself or what’s in it or on it. While the numbers are hard to track because trailer thefts may be put in different categories with different law enforcement agencies, thefts appear to be on the rise.

How heavy of a camper can I put on my truck?

If you remain in the truck, make sure that you subtract your own weight from the total provided. To determine payload capacity, you simply subtract the Curb Weight from the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. The total of 4,212 lbs is the maximum weight that your truck can haul including camper, passengers, and cargo.

Do I have to remove my tailgate to carry a truck camper?

“Unloaded means no tailgate. There is really no need for it. The back up camera is mounted on the truck for when the camper is on. Also the camper seldom comes off.

What do thieves do with stolen trailers?

Most thieves steal these items, because they are hard to trace and thieves can quickly and easily turn them into cash. Thieves can sell your trailer (or what was your trailer) in states that do not require a title at the time of sale, and they can sell your tools from the trailer at a pawn shop in another city.

How do you break into a camper?

How to Open a Camper Door Without Keys

  1. Check All Windows & Doors. Depending on the season, you may have a window cracked open or a screen door operational. …
  2. Inspect Emergency Exits. …
  3. Pick the Lock. …
  4. Remove the Door Lock. …
  5. Consult Campground Staff. …
  6. Consider Insurance Assistance. …
  7. Call a Tow Truck. …
  8. Contact a Local Locksmith.
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How often are trailers stolen?

Based on research and data from our partners, as well as the Australian bureau of statistics, we estimate that approximately 5% of trailers are stolen each year.

Do camper vans get stolen?

1. Storage and parking. If you keep your motorhome in secure storage it can still be susceptible to being stolen. … Some storage sites are often unmanned or have CCTV which is not actively monitored, so thieves can take their time in bypassing the vehicle’s security, without anyone noticing that it’s even been stolen!

Do vans get stolen?

In 2020, only 247 were recovered, in comparison to 362 vans recovered in 2019. … However, the Ford Transit 350 was the third most stolen van in 2020 with 756 vans stolen in the year and 220 recovered. In 2019, the Ford Transit 125 T350 RWD, was the third most stolen vehicle with 772 models stolen and 177 recovered.

Is there a lot of crime in RV parks?

Even the busiest RV parks, with the most transient and daily traffic, see much lower crime rates than other areas. In fact, suggests the odds of becoming a victim of a major crime is only one in 25,000 if you’re staying in an RV campground.

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