Do bus drivers have to wear seat belts UK?

On a bus or coach you should always wear a seat belt if one is fitted. If you are aged 14 or over, the law states that you must wear a seat belt if fitted.

Why do bus drivers not wear seat belts?

Answer: On older buses, they don’t wear seat belts. On newer buses, they do wear seat belts because of newly-enforced safety rules. Answer:They don’t have to wear a seatbelt, because they are travelling less than 500m per stop, which means they don’t have to wear one.

Why do buses not have seatbelts UK?

Why don’t UK public buses have seatbelts? – Quora. In the UK, if the vehicle permits standees (standing passengers) seatbelts are not fitted. It is not appropriate to allow half the passengers to have more safety than the other half. On any vehicle that doesn’t permit standing passengers, seatbelts are compulsory.

Are seat belts compulsory on buses?

Buses that are designed for urban use with standing passengers are not required to have seat belts. Other types of buses that were made after 1 October 2001 must be fitted with three point seat belts or retractable lap belt in all forward and rearward facing seats.

Who is legally responsible for ensuring the seat belt is worn?

Car drivers and front seat passengers must wear a seat belt, unless they have a medical exemption certificate. Adults travelling in the rear of a car must also use seatbelts, if they’re fitted. It’s the responsibility of the adult passenger (not the driver) to make sure that they are using the seatbelt.

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Why are there no seatbelts on trains?

For the same reason as heavy trucks don’t. A seatbelt is of most use where a collision causes rapid deceleration. Trains carry so much momentum that they do not stop rapidly, even in very severe collisions.

Why do coaches have seatbelts?

Seatbelts are there for your safety

The risk of serious injury is multiplied in accidents involving large vehicles. There’s more weight, and there are more passengers. … Whenever you hire a coach, always enquire as to whether the coach you will be travelling in is fitted with seat belts.

Is it illegal to have a damaged seat belt?

Note that it is both illegal and unsafe to have a worn, frayed, faded or damaged seat belt – you must have a worn, frayed, faded or damaged seat belt replaced. … If you don’t have seat belts fitted in your car, for whatever reason, you are putting yourself and your passengers at risk.

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