Can you use MCard on Arriva buses?

Bus passengers can now use the new white MCard smartcard for Pay As You Go journeys throughout West Yorkshire. Single, return or Operator own day tickets can be purchased using the white Pay As You Go MCard on services run by the county s three main bus operators, Arriva, First and Transdev.

Can I use my MCard on any bus?

MCard makes travelling on buses and trains across West Yorkshire really simple and great value too! If you want the freedom of unlimited journeys on any bus or train operator across the county, MCard is the one for you. Choose from using a smartcard or even simpler, a mobile ticket.

How do I use MCard on bus?

When travelling by bus or train simply place your MCard on the smart reader on the bus or the smart-enabled rail gate.

Can you use MCard on first bus?

In a nutshell, an MCard gives you:

And the MCard is fully transferable too, so if you’re staying in but your friend’s heading out, there’s no need to buy more travel. It’s available in weekly, monthly and yearly formats – and all are welcomed on board First buses! For full details on MCard, please click here.

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Can you use MCard on transdev?

From Monday, passengers will be able to pre-load a new white MCard and use it to buy any adult single, return or day tickets on Transdev in Keighley and TLC’s bus services. They can also be used to buy the companies’ own products such as K-day and the TLCDay ticket.

How do I get a MetroCard?

In New York City, the MetroCard can be purchased at any MTA Metro-North Railroad station ticket vending machine or staffed ticket windows. MetroCards can also be purchased from a MetroCard vending machine or staffed sales booths in New York City subway stations.

What is a pink travel card?

From just £5, DaySavers get you unlimited daily travel on any bus across West Yorkshire. The Pink can be loaded with day, week or month saver tickets for just buses, or buses and trains within West Yorkshire.

Why is my MCard not working?

My MCard is not working and has been refused by a driver? Either your MCard has expired, has no travel on it, or it has been damaged. Go to your local bus station travel centre and they can help check your card. If you have an Android NFC phone you can also check your card with the MyMcard App.

Can day riders be used on any bus?

With a day ticket you can make as many journeys as you like in one day. They offer better value than buying singles or returns, as you can travel on all buses within your chosen ticket zone.

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How do I put money on my MCard?

To top-up your MCard you can:

  1. Download the MCard app from Google store onto your Android phone, then buy and download your ticket anywhere and at anytime.
  2. Buy a ticket at one of 700 Payzone outlets.
  3. Go to your local Bus Station Travel Centre or use one of the ticket kiosks.

Can anyone use my metro card?

Only two people per card are granted entry to a METRO centre. If you have to make bulk purchases, our staff will help you organise delivery or convey your purchases to your delivery vehicle. Can I shop in any location with my card? Your card entitles you to shop at any METRO centre in India.

How do you pay for Metro Bus?

On Metro bus, you can pay cash each time you board (bus operators don’t carry change, so you’ll need exact fare) or buy and add up to $20 to a reusable TAP card.

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