Are Lothian buses a private company?

It is entirely municipally owned, being 91% owned by the City of Edinburgh Council, with the remainder owned by Midlothian, East Lothian and West Lothian councils, although it no longer provides bus services in West Lothian under the same name.

Who owns Lothian Buses in Kenya?

Former Nairobi County Deputy Governor Jonathan Mueke distanced himself years ago from claims he owns the notorious Kenya Mpya buses that ply the Thika Road-City Centre route.

How many Lothian Buses are there?

We connect the region with over 70 services and more than 700 buses which run day and night throughout the year. Our easy-access fleet is among the most modern and environmentally-friendly in the UK and now includes the city’s first zero-emission electric buses.

What is the longest Lothian bus route?

Our longest route is the service X15, which is over 24 miles long. This year on boxing day we will cover over 27,000 miles – that’s more than once round the whole planet.

Are buses still running in Edinburgh?

Buses run 24 hours a day and are extremely frequent.

How heavy is a Lothian bus?

And that little electric bus without passenger have the UW 13.2 tonnes (without battery said gov doc), heavier than most of double deckers..

Do Lothian buses have dash cams?

Cameras are sited so that they capture images that are relevant to Lothian Buses or our subsidiary companies. The images recorded by our CCTV System are of a high resolution, colour digital format, with audio in certain areas, recorded onto a hard drive.

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