Are camel campers made in Australia?

MDC managing director Vaughan Hindley said the investment by MDC will create a “one-stop-shop” where enthusiasts can choose a camper that “resonates with them,” emphasising that all Camel-branded camper trailers sold alongside MDC offerings will remain wholly Australian made.

Is MDC Australian made?

100% Australian Owned and Operated Company

Market Direct Campers is proud to be 100% Australian owned and operated. We are the largest nationally recognised and established camper trailer manufacturer in Australia with outlets in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia.

Who won camper trailer of the year 2021?

The REDARC Camper Trailer of the Year 2021 results are in. After two failed attempts, we finally made it to Port Macquarie. Seasoned Camper Trailer of the Year (CTOTY) readers will know that at the last event we had to scramble to Plan B, the Gold Coast, after bushfires ravaged the northern NSW coast.

Are MDC caravans good?

Th MDC XT12 is a little obese for a camper of its size, and there are little things here and there that remind you it’s not an $80,000 unit, but overall it’s a bloody solid camper that’s built tough and I reckon you would struggle to find a setup as comfortable, and as packed full of features for the money.

Are Titan caravans made in China?

A dozen or so vans were in various production stages as the team installed multiple components that go into completing each model. The body comes in from the facility that Titan has established in China, coming complete on their hot-dipped galvanised chassis which has been robot welded for accuracy and strength.

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Which caravans are made in Australia?

Lotus Caravans are proud to be officially recognised by the Australian Made Campaign Limited (AMCL) as being an authentic Aussie made brand.

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